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Counselling In Bromley, Kent

Hello and welcome

I'm Jane, a professionally qualified and NCPS (National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society) accredited, psychotherapeutic counsellor, offering individual and couples counselling to adults. I work from Bromley which is on the South East London/Kent borders, and has easily accessible transport links and parking nearby. 

Sometimes life can feel like a struggle and at times we may feel unhappy, frustrated, lonely or stuck. We might find ourselves experiencing a variety of troubling thoughts, feelings and behaviours, have relationship concerns or simply just have a feeling that things aren’t quite right or could be better. At these times we may wonder where to go for help.

Talking with a professional counsellor in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental setting, may help you begin to understand your problems, free up your energy and help you begin to live more fully and authentically. Counselling can help improve your wellbeing and enhance your personal development and growth.

Professional counsellor in Chislehurst, kent

As a professional, psychotherapeutic counsellor I offer you a safe, confidential space to:

Jane Cooper Counselling Chislehurst TALK
I encourage you to talk about the difficulties and challenges you are experiencing, helping you explore and understand your thinking, feelings, behaviour and relationships with others.

Jane Cooper Counselling Chislehurst LISTEN
I listen to you in a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental way so together we can identify and understand the problems you are experiencing.

Jane Cooper Counselling Chislehurst CHANGE
I work with you to explore and clarify the changes you want to make and support you on your journey through making positive changes in your life. This may include identifying new coping strategies and ways of managing your emotions and difficulties to help improve your wellbeing.

Some of the many issues I am trained to help with include:

Counselling for depression in Chislehurst, Kent Depression
Counselling to Managing Anxiety in Chislehurst, Kent Managing Anxiety
Dealing with Loss and Bereavement in Chislehurst, Kent Dealing with Loss and Bereavement
Coping with Stress in Chislehurst, Kent Coping with Stress
Counselling for Relationship concerns in Chislehurst, Kent Relationship concerns
Counselling for Low Self-esteem in Chislehurst, Kent Low Self-esteem
Counselling for Lack of Confidencein Chislehurst, Kent Lack of Confidence
Counselling for Trauma in Chislehurst, Kent Trauma
Personal development and growth in Chislehurst, Kent Personal development and growth

Sometimes it can be difficult to really know what is bothering you, and if this sounds like you, I can also help you explore your concerns.

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